What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a website made by a fan, for other fans. It lets everyone unite as a fan of a specific topic and they can register as members to be listed. This fanlisting is for fans of The Darkness, a psychological horror game developed by Starbreeze Studios in 2007.

Why The Darkness?

The Darkness II had just come out and it was getting some decent hype. I thought it looked interesting, even though I had no knowledge of the comic series it was based on. I figured I should do the proper thing and start with the original The Darkness, and ended up loving it. The unique gameplay mechanics (taking out lights to attack, eating people's hearts, sneaking around as a tentacle) all work well and set a great atmosphere. The story is well told, the graphics look pretty decent considering its age, and the whole experience was very memorable. Most of all, however, I love this game's ability to make you care about the characters. There are moments that genuinely made me sad, and I've never hated a villain more than the ones in this game (names omitted due to spoilers). Basically, it's great and everyone should play it.

'For Jenny'? Layout?

I won't elaborate too much on the name because there are spoilers involved, but anyone who has played it will know how important Jenny is to Jackie, and she motivates him greatly. The layout features two vectored shadows of Jackie's Darkness tentacles, along with the main box art for the game and some brushes that I downloaded here.