Who is Norman Jayden?

Name: Norman Jayden
Rank: Agent, FBI
Occupation: Criminal Profiler

Being a member of the FBI, Norman is a man of mystery. Not much is known about his origins other than that he is sent to town by the FBI as a criminal profiler to investigate the Origami killer.

One of the most significant parts of Norman's character are his addictions. His most obvious addiction is to triptocaine, a drug in the form of powder that is inhaled through the nose and that he carries with him in a blue tube. When he goes without triptocaine he begins bleeding out of his eyes and nose, and his hands start shaking.

His second addiction is to ARI, his "added reality interface" sunglasses. When he puts them on he is tranported to a virtual world where he can change the scenary, walk around and use high tech analysis. He primarily uses it for work, however it is clear he is dependant on it- his time-killing "bounce a ball against a brick wall" application clocks in at over 20,000 bounces. Due to his dependence on ARI he sometimes slips in and out of this virtual world even when not wearing the glasses.

Personality-wise, it really depends on the player. His L2 thoughts usually include a determined option, an option related to giving up and an option relating to his addictions. His non-changeable interactions, however, portray him as hard-working and dedicated to his job. His determination to not just solve the case, but to solve it properly, is one of his defining features.

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