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Greetings and welcome to il pleut, a media archive for the beautiful Inoue Orihime from the series Bleach. This gallery contains hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots of our favourite Hime~sama, so please enjoy!
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These are very important, so please take the time to read them, since I took the time to make this gallery.
  1. You may use pictures from this gallery for personal use only. Feel free to use them for icons, layouts, etc. However, do NOT use these in your own galleries. If I find that my gallery is being stolen, I will not hesitate to take it down.
  2. Absolutely no hotlinking! It's very easy to find the hotlinkers and change URLs for images.
  3. If you're going to take a lot of pictures/scans for graphics, a link back to this site to spread the love is always appreciated!

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Latest Updates

I had previously closed down this site, but recently decided that it was worth keeping online. However, it is permanently in archive form, which means there will be no updates to any of the galleries. I truly hope that Orihime fans will find this site useful!

Posted on September 7, 2012 @ 12:29 PM

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Obviously I take no credit for the actual anime and manga from which these caps are derived. Unfortunately I don't have an exact list of which subbers/scanlators are responsible for which pictures, but these are the sources where I retrieved them from.
  • Kubo Tite
  • Shueisha
  • Studio Pierrot
  • Anime Downloads:
  • Dattebayo
  • HorribleSubs
  • Manga Scans:
  • OneManga
  • Bleach7
  • Haven Reader
  • Miscellaneous:
  • FLOL Message board
  • Anime Paper
  • Larissa