What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a website made by a fan, for other fans. It lets everyone unite as a fan of a specific topic and they can register as members to be listed. This fanlisting is for fans of the game Spec Ops: The Line, available for PC, XBOX 360 and PS3.

Why Spec Ops: The Line?

Spec Ops: The Line is the antithesis of mainstream shooters. You are not an overpowered killing machine, nor are you a hero. Your actions are not always justified, and sometimes you do more harm than good. The more you play, the more you start to wonder who your character really is, what his true intentions are, and what exactly you're trying to accomplish. While the game itself is a competent if unremarkable third person shooter, it is this psychological aspect that makes it truly unique. It is such a memorable experience and I think everyone should play it at least once.

'Reality'? Layout?

This name should be pretty obvious if you've played the game. Spec Ops is all about reality: the reality of who you are, the reality of what you're doing, and the reality of why you're doing it. Reality is something that you are forced to question many times throughout the game. It is central to the plot. Therefore, I thought it would make a good name.

This layout is one of the more simpler ones that I've created. The header was done using overlays of various wallpapers and loading screens from the game. There were no custom brushes or textures used. The font in the header is Abel.